The only tarot podcast where two non-mystical, dilettante hosts use the mystical art of Tarot reading to give real advice. If you're seeking answers to life’s greatest questions, you're in the right place.


70 – Ladies of the Lakes

This week, we refrain from upending the deck on the table and practice lazy vegetarianism.

69 – Clean Jokes Aren’t Funny

This week, we get a question from the other 10% and Brian has never been to Canadia.

68 – Big Ben, Big Mare, Big Winner

This week, Ben won BIG at the Kentucky Derby, and we write micropoetry.

67 – The Night Court Theme Song

This week, we pick three equally likely occupations for our querant, and discover a sentient insect.

66 – LOL – Legions of (Loyal) Listeners

This week, we explore time travel via binge listening and wonder where Dubuque is.

So Happy This is a Thing


Tarot. Improv. Harry Potter. Guys who love cats but hate cat decks. I’m pretty sure this podcast was made especially for me. It’s worth its weight in Spiritual Gold™.



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Ancient secrets revealed


I was a bit skeptical of the divinatory powers of these guys at first, but they offer a money-back guarantee, so it seems pretty legit after all. Recommended.

Hoppy McScragg


Always Fun, Sometimes Horrifying


Enjoy all the readings. Fun to listen to and sometimes downright scary at the predicted future.





While I know the hosts don’t wield actual mystical powers, the reading they gave me came at a particular difficult time in my life and gave me an excellent dose of perspective. It’s clear they’ve got a skillful ability to interpret the cards, which is a lot of fun to listen to.