The only tarot podcast where two non-mystical, dilettante hosts use the mystical art of Tarot reading to give real advice. If you're seeking answers to life’s greatest questions, you're in the right place.

44 – If You Give A Mouse A Cage

This week, we celebrate Thanksgiving and answer 100% more questions than normal!

43 – Oracular Spectacular

This week, we talk a lot about cats and discuss Ben’s superpowers

43 – Oracular Spectacular

42 – Salamanders, Fairies, Fish, and Blue Fairies

This week, we talk about card art that we don’t care for and late stage capitalism.

41 – Uncanny Valley

This week, we celebrate a milestone and make mouth sounds into the mics.

40 – Hypothetically Speaking

This week, we take half the show to even get to the question and we talk about drugs.

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While I know the hosts don’t wield actual mystical powers, the reading they gave me came at a particular difficult time in my life and gave me an excellent dose of perspective. It’s clear they’ve got a skillful ability to interpret the cards, which is a lot of fun to listen to.



Always Fun, Sometimes Horrifying


Enjoy all the readings. Fun to listen to and sometimes downright scary at the predicted future.