Join your hosts, Ben and Kevin, and their legions of loyal listeners (LOLs) on a mystical journey. Each week, they use the power of the tarot to answer life’s biggest questions about relationships, careers, and…mostly just those two things. It’s half comedy, half tarot podcast, and half outro, but it’s well worth its weight in Spirtual Gold.

*For entertainment purposes only!

Have a question for the tarot? Share it with us and we’ll answer it on an upcoming episode of the Amateur Tarot Podcast.

Each answer comes with a reading of the recent past, keurent [sic] actions, and future (100% money back spiritual gold guaranteed outcome for entertainment purposes only) outcome!

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Recent Episodes of the amateur tarot podcast

136 – The Eight of Wongs

This week, we help Tammy sell some houses, and let me tell you, they are selling like hotcakes. So act fast! Other topics of conversation include: Ben losing his groove, the Amateur(TM) family of products, and probability. Also, a special visitor stops by the studio this week and we really need to know what dropping your deck on the floor means. It’s bad, right?

Have a question for the cards? Let us solve your problems by submitting a question at or texting it to us at 314-325-6047!

135 – Too Late On The (TM)

This week, we help John get the confidence he needs to finally move away from his home town. We also discuss editing decisions and our podcasting outfits. Plus, Ezra Glass returns and Kevin is a little too late on the (TM) this time.

If you want us to answer your burning question, send it our way at or text it to 314-325-6047.

134 – There Were A Lot Of Detours

This week, we help Maggie (yes, that Maggie) deal with a big transition. We discover that we need a “Karen” and don’t know much about the Fifth Element. Don’t burn yourself!

Also, there were a lot of tangents that didn’t make the final cut. Like, so many. One day, when you do eventually hear them (and you will), you’ll thank me.

Ancient secrets revealed


I was a bit skeptical of the divinatory powers of these guys at first, but they offer a money-back guarantee, so it seems pretty legit after all. Recommended. Hoppy McScragg

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Always Fun, Sometimes Horrifying


Enjoy all the readings. Fun to listen to and sometimes downright scary at the predicted future. Smith631

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