0201 – Blaize & Mike – Chariot

This week, we’re back with a brand new season of Amateur Tarot Pod!

Blaize and Mike get some advice from the cards that was promised them over a month ago!

Card of the week: Chariot

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Send us your Qs and we’ll consult the cards for some As!

And a final note:

Hey folks, this is brian, your hapless co-host and editor. I wanted to point out just a few things for our longtime listeners and for anyone who’s just joining us.

1: If we ever miss a scheduled show (like, say, the entire month of January), you have to know that they ARE in all likelihood already recorded. I just didn’t get around to editing and publishing them. The bulk of this episode, for example, was recorded at the very end of 2016, in anticipation of 2017.

2: Our recording schedule up to this point has been as much a work in progress as our recording methods. You might notice that the Chariot was both in one of the readings this week AND was the card of the week. This is certainly in the realm of possibilities…but even more possible when you figure that we record our intros and outros in the same room with each other, then do our readings separately afterwards.

3: This also helps to explain the numerous varying levels of sound quality, based on multiple pics, multiple inputs, multiple possible rooms, and how each of our voices sound naturally on any given day. Starting with episode 4 of season 2, we’ll be trying a slightly different format, which should address pretty much all of these issues.

We really really appreciate everyone who’s listening and tweeting and following us on our dilettante journey into the woo woo unknowable.

Thank you all so much!