This week, we get ready to rock with the Robin Wood deck and revisit the Lobster Path

I have been having increased anxiety lately. While not entirely pertaining to my job, work definitely continues to be a large, if not the largest, contributing factor to this increased anxiety. Any advice on what I can do? And more specifically, how long do I continue to try work and through it before I begin to consider other job possibilities?


Longtime listeners are familiar with the Robin Wood Tarot by Robin Wood. We love the idea that every person on every card is some aspect of Ms. Wood.

This Week’s 3-Card Tarot Reading

The Past: JUDGEMENT | The Present: MOON | The Future: CHARIOT

Our advice: You’ve been growing a lot and will be coming into your own (Judgement). You’re a bit confused where to go right now, but if you look hard enough, you will be shown the way (Moon). And keep going the direction you’re going, because you’re going to succeed (Chariot)!

The Card of the Week

This week, we look at the Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Kranz.

Tarot Card of the Week: Ten of Wands

Keywords: Burdens, Blockage, Difficulty
Watch the situations you’re getting yourself in, and don’t be the one creating dramatic situations and making things difficult for yourself.

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