This week, we celebrate Thanksgiving and answer 100% more questions than normal!

Will Pumpkin Spice items ever die?


This week, we used the Food Fortunes Deck by Josh LaFayette. While this deck breaks with ANY traditional imagery in favor of a whimsical culinary journey, the artwork is great and the concept is flawlessly executed.

This Week’s 1-Card Tarot Reading


Our advice: No.

My sister and I are getting together next weekend to make Poutine using Rally’s fries. It’s a Canadian dish. It’s usually French Fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. I’d love to know if they’re going to be delicious or a disaster.


This week’s 3-card reading

The Past: OTHER DUO | The Present: ISLANDER | The Future: QUEEN OF SIDES

Our advice: You’re breaking out of a traditional mindset (Heirophant/Other Duo), and a big paradigm shift is coming (Tower/Islander). Your passion and curiosity will drive you to create bigger and better dishes (Queen of Wands/Queen of Sides).

The Card of the Week

Tarot Card of the Week: The Beginning

The Beginning card is a fried egg, and it correlates to the Fool in a standard deck. This will be a week of new beginnings. Approach everything with a beginner’s mindset, and enjoy any food comas that come your way.

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