This week, we use an old deck and a new one, and get everyone set for the new year.

I’m getting married in a year. What will my first year of marriage be like?


We start off the year using the Madam Clara Sees All deck. It’s got great artwork. woodcuts of lots of statues. You don’t even need to know the Tarot to use these cards. they are overly card-stocky, though.

This Week’s 3-Card Tarot Reading

Winter 2019: MOON | Spring 2019: SIX OF CUPS | Summer 2019: HAND OF MYSTERIES | Fall 2019: SEVEN OF WANDS

We’re doing a different type of reading for our first one of 2018. Lis was asking us to prognosticate as opposed to give straight advice, so we switched it up a bit, and predicted what he first year of marriage will hold, using one card for each season.

Starting in winter, we see Lis adjusting to a new stage in her life, and learning new things about herself and her partner (Moon). We move on to Spring, which reveals the couple walking hand in hand towards life (6 of Cups). The summertime shows many new opportunities presenting themselves (Hand of Mysteries). Finally, we get to autumn, which sees Lis and her partner working diligently to maintain a healthy relationship (Seven of Wands).

The Card of the Week

This Card of the YEAR comes to us from the Ostara Tarot by Molly Applejohn, Eden Cooke, Krista Gibbard, and Julia Iredale.

Tarot Card of the YEAR: High Priestess

In 2018, know that you are not lost. The answers you’re seeking lie within you.

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