This week, we play with synonyms and talk about the great 1987 film Throw Momma From the Train.

Do I keep writing? One word at a time, as long as it takes? Do I sacrifice sleep and a kept home again only to accrue more debt and not see the return of investments right away because it takes forever and ever to take off?


The PicTarot Deck, by Pictoplasma Magic, stretches the definition of what it is to be a Tarot deck, in our esteemed opinion. Dubbed the “Oops, All Pips” deck, the minor arcana represented by traditional playing card images and suits, with an extra card in each suit for the Knight. Additionally, the major arcana (though wonderfully illustrated by top character artists) are a mishmash of traditional and non-traditional cards. This deck is disqualified from a rating.

This Week’s 3-Card Tarot Reading

The Past: DEVIL | The Present: ART | The Future: THREE OF CUPS

Our advice: You feel chained to your writing it consumes you (Devil). You’ve been trying to walk the line between the worlds of your artistic passion and your family, but you have been favoring the artistic side of things (Art – corresponds to Temperance). Focus on the art. Give yourself over to it. The familial fulfillment will follow as you drive onward (Three of Hearts – corresponds to Three of Cups).

The Card of the Week

We’ve got the Dali Tarot by Juan Llarch and Salvador Dali working its magic this week.

Tarot Card of the Week: Three of Coins

Keywords: The Calling
This week, focus less on what you want, and more on how you can be of service to the universe at large.

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