This week, we talk about the Royal wedding from a few months ago and we give a dark reading to an innocent reviewer.

I work as a dispatcher, but have always dreamed about being a police officer. I have already failed school for it once, and am afraid of failing again and all of the embarrassment that would go with that. However, co-workers and my previous instructors keep encouraging me to give it another try. I love telling officers what to do, but I think I would enjoy being one more… What do the cards think my best path would be? (Love the show, y’all crack me up!)

Leanne (Stockton, CA)

This week’s deck is the New American Tarot by David Aaron Smith. It looks like someone’s high school art project, and has alternate suites for the minors that include guns and 2x4s. ⭐️/5 …there is no image of the deck or the spread this week because Brian accidentally swapped the deck before pictures could be taken.

This Week’s 3-Card Tarot Reading

The Past: MOON | The Present: FIVE OF SWORDS | The Future: TEN OF CUPS

Our advice: Previously, there have been things hidden from you, particularly when you were attempting to pass the test. These things are available to you now (Moon). Now is the time to stop hedging your bets and to focus fully on becoming an officer (Five of Swords). You’re going to nail it, and it will work out really well (Ten of Cups).

The Card of the Week

Things get a bit out of hand this week with the Tarot of the Silicon Dawn by Egypt Urnash.

Tarot Card of the Week: Ten of Swords

Keywords: Ruin

Things might seem bad this week, but this Ten of Swords is a reminder that you have the power to change your circumstances.

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