This week, Ben kind of knows who a celebrity is and we talk briefly about x-ray vision.

I recently bought tickets to see LeVar Burton live. Due to a series of lucky coincidences I got access to early ticket release and then got tickets with (what I assume will be a very short probably less than 2 min,) meet and greet after the show. After my initial euphoria wore off I’m now overcome with anxiety about what to say when I get the chance to meet one of my heroes. I’ve always been a TNG fan, I grew up on Reading Rainbow and in this time of really divisive public figures he has always seemed a pillar of reason and decency. What should I focus on in the ephemeral moments when I’ll be “meeting and greeting”, should I make bring some sort of gift or just make a Geordi Laforge visor so I can avoid eye contact?

Kaylin, Atlanta, GA

This week, we used the Retro Pop Tarot by Robert M. Shook. We are happy to say that despite the star rating, the cards read very well. ⭐️/5

This Week’s 3-Card Tarot Reading

The Past: SEVEN OF CUPS | The Present: HIGH PRIESTESS | The Future: TEN OF COINS

Our advice: You’re faced with a touch choice right now, but you also know the choice you should choose. Bring your excitement to the show, and let your presence be your present.

The Card of the Week

The Omegaland Tarot, by Joe Boginsky gave us our Card of the Week this week.

Tarot Card of the Week: Two of Wands

Keywords: Adventure

Chase adventure this week. If something seems exciting, do it.

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