This week, we discover our true power and talk about the recommended dosage for Amateur Tarot Pod.

How do you get over someone you’ve never dated but talk to a lot—especially when that person is instigating the conversation.

Patrick (St. Louis)

We used the Hirajeta Tarot this week, by Danny Hirajeta. It’s possibly Japanese themed? The artwork on the Majors does seem to be. The minors are pips, which does a disservice to the whole deck. ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

This Week’s 3-Card Tarot Reading

The Past: LOVERS | The Present: SIX OF CUPS | The Future: TEN OF WANDS | Clarifier: ACE OF WANDS

Our advice: You’ve been working on building this relationship, which has possibly grown in unexpected directions. Remind yourself that the work that you put in is for the relationship at large…not necessarily the romantic angle. Stop and reassess your situation. You need to start working this issue in a different manner. what you’re doing right now is unhealthy and unfair to both individuals involved. A band-aid solution is to find another individual upon whom to lavish your attentions, and then you’ll be able to have the distance to recontextualize your relationship.

The Card of the Week

We used Joe Phillips’ Divine Diversity deck this week.  ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Tarot Card of the Week: Queen of Swords

Keywords: Mature woman, Prone to sharpness of tongue, Inquisitive and logical, Likes intellectual puzzles, Values education of self and others.

It’s okay to be assertive this week and go for what you want with decisiveness.

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