Meet the Gang

See the faces of the sounds!

Ben Noble

Co-Host, Skeptic
Ben is copywriter, improviser, author, and blogger. He also has a cat, so that’s neat. He reads the cards and writes about improv, creativity, and politics on his website

Brian Dooley

Co-Host, Card Collector, Producer
Brian is a free-thinking nerd who keeps getting pulled in by the artwork and the pull of mystic symbolism. He hadn’t read a tarot card in his life before October of 2016, but will likely become a full-fledged warlock before too terribly long.

Dera Luce

Lenormand Linguist
Dera is a writer, programmer, and Japanese translator. She has too many browser tabs open on her computer. Follow her project #100DaysofLenormand on Instagram @DeraLuce!

Lisa Kelly

8-Ball Oracle
Lisa is a fantastic stylist/colorist for her day job, a comedy writer and performer for her side gig, and the AmTaPo’s resident Magic 8-Ball reader.

Hugmonster Sound

They write the songs
Hugmonster Sound is a collective of sound designers and composers headed by Adam Frick in St Louis, MO. They offer sound design, sweetening, and original music for visual media with fast turnarounds at a reasonable price.