153 – Muffin or Plant? An Amateur Tarot LIVE Holiday Spectacular

This week, we are live (well, we were yesterday) from the AT studio hosting a holiday spectacular. Guests. Games. Gifts. And a whole lot more.

This was not recorded on our usual gear, so we apologize for the serviceable (rather than spectacular) sound quality. But it is well worth a listen. Thank you to everyone who joined us live in studio and at home.

We are off next Monday, but if you need advice in the new year, please send us your question at AmateurTarot.com or text it to us at 314-325-6047. Happy New Year!

152 – 2020: Year of the Fluid Update

This week, we give Robert some advice for living on his own. We also spend most of the show on the fluid update.

2019 AMATEUR TAROT X-MAS SPECTACULAR: Join us live on Facebook on Sunday Dec 22nd at 1pm (GMT -6 / CST) for games, presents, live readings, call ins, guests and more. Join our facebook group at facebook.com/groups/amateurtarot to find the link to the live feed.

151 – If You Like Eggs, Make Lemonade

This week, METATRON RETURNS. We also help Lucy make friends as an adult.

Now, important announcements!

First, save the date on December 22nd. We will be hosting a (Facebook) live Amateur Tarot Christmas spectacular, and we’d love for you to join us. There will be games, a roaring fire, egg nog, and live readings!

Second, if you would like an audio holiday greeting from the tarot bros, please post what you’d like us to read (30 seconds or less) at Facebook.com/groups/amateurtarot.