This week, we give one star for lies and give away several ideas for new decks!

Ever since getting laid off at my last job, I feel like I fail at everything. How can I not fail at my new job? Or at least put off failing for a couple years?

KJ (San Diego, CA)

This week, we used the Textured Tarot by Lisa McLoughlin. Beautiful collage deck with a lot of detail, but impossible to riffle shuffle. ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

This Week’s 3-Card Tarot Reading

The Past: FOUR OF CUPS | The Present: QUEEN OF WANDS | The Future: QUEEN OF SWORDS

Our advice: Right now, you have a negative outlook on pretty much everything, and you’re not being receptive to what the world is offering you. YOu’re in a position to take something that you love and turn it into something workable for you. Make your career choices based on the actual available facts at hand.

The Card of the Week

Our Card of the Week this week comes to us from the Tarot Illuminati, by Eric C. Dunne.

Tarot Card of the Week: King of Swords

Keywords: Master strategy or tactic. Strategist. Somebody who plans ahead. Being in control. Logic is paramount. Cold, harsh person. Lawyer or judge. Putting plans into action. Solving a puzzle. Cutting through confusion with clear sight.

You know best this week. Take charge.

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